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Fly reels - Colmic Reel Zartan 10 Bearings

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Out Of Stock Colmic Reel Zartan 10 Bearings

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Fly reels - Colmic Reel Zartan 10 Bearings

Reel Colmic Zartan


The Zartan is a reel to micrometric front with 10 stainless steel bearings.
Oversized coil compact body make it versatile and efficient.
The winding system "Parallel Winding System", which caraterriza, is synonymous with functionality and efficiency.
This reel finished with attractive colours has EVA KNOB that provides a comfortable and secure grip during recovery.

Available in 4 sizes

SizeGear Ratioø/Capacity
2005.4:10.14 0.20 0.16/150/200 – –/100 Match
2505.4:10.16 0.20 0.14/120/200 – 250 –/Match
3004.9:10.16 0.14 0.20/280/140/220 – – Match
4004.9:10.16 0.14 0.20/330/160/260 – – Match
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