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Fishing Kit - Kit Attractors Lake

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Kit Attractors Lake

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Brand: Antiche Pasture
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Fishing Kit - Kit Attractors Lake

Super kit of attractors, you always have the right spray for the right opportunity.

The kit contains:

Old Pasture-fish Pheromones

Pheromones are natural compounds emitted by fish and picked up by affinine species, pheromones trigger a feeding frenzy in fish struck, making them unable to escape to that impulse.
Applied directly on a pasture or mixed batter uesca or we would have exceptional results in terms of catches.

Method of use:

On bait:
Directly in the box of the bait, maggots, worms, arenicole, Koreans, Americans, bibi, muriddu, tremolina etc.. etc ...

On pasture:
5 ml of product in the dampening water for every Kg of fishmeal

Silicone rubber on metal or artificial:
On spreading the pheromone lures directly on it continuously and uniformly.

Bottle of 20 ml

Power Trout

Powerful lure fish food liquid concentrate, we have combined a special additive that acts as the glue to adhere perfectly to your bait in order to stabilize the food even in diving by several hours, once in the water, it releases aromas and smells for hours.

Usage: Spray on live bait such as moths, earthworms or plastic lures and lure fishing.

Old pasture-Plasma Spry

exceptional additive for saltwater fish. Its formula made up of plasma with addition of pheromones, fish in a feeding frenzy struck, making it ideal for every fishing condition.

Add your usual groundbait 1 Kg plasma 50cc in flour or ground fish.

Spray bottle from 50cc

Love To Fish
Amino acid powder to be mixed with maggots, worms of the Earth or corn.

Its attractive power makes it possible to increase the capture of all cyprinids (CARP, crucian carp, Chub, trout): until today no product has never been so effective!
Usage: dust the product directly on the sche (for sizing before maggots; for corn about 30 minutes before use), or discogliere in water and then soak any bait before use.

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