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Fly reels - Trabucco Reel front drag Bearings 5 Tronik

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Trabucco Reel front drag Bearings 5 Tronik

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Brand: Trabucco
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Fly reels - Trabucco Reel front drag Bearings 5 Tronik

Trabucco Reel front drag Bearings 5 Tronik

Exclusive model designed and structured by the same team of engineers that designed the Airblade and that in some respects takes some concepts. But if the first Airblade was completely new shapes, the second, that is, seems to be a wonderful summary Tronik between old and new. The shapes are futuristic regarding both the body and the rotor, full of rounded shapes and space. Futuristic shapes Yes but that recall in any way to memory reels of our grandparents, with bodies. In short, a lovely jump between models produced in Italy after World War I and the design of the future. Technically, the body is a carbon monocoque that encloses the gears that have a recovery ratio of 5.1:1, on which is grafted a crank which is unique, being cake on its axis is for stylistic reasons this will achieve a greater rigidity. The crank, as for the Airblade, closes with a button placed on the elbow, to the benefit of space when storing the barrel mounted in its scabbard. The coil is a high-impact aluminum-graphite hybrid and small, indeed, very small weight. Clutch discs are housed inside of 30% larger size and thus able to ensure a truly micrometric adjustment. The arms of the bow, a region subjected to intense stress, are made of aluminium aerospace. 5 are mechanical support bearings. Finally it should be noted that due to the extremely low body section, even just 16 mm not counting the side closing plates, it was not possible to insert the usual roller bearing. So the engineers have developed an innovative backstop infinite seeds which would exclude from the roller bearing, benefiting recovery power which, as is well known, is reduced by up to 2/3-return of the actual infinite. Once Trabucco is at the forefront of innovations related to fishing!


  • Super Light Rotor-thanks to the use of certified materials for the aerospace industry, the rotor is now lighter and more durable than ever.
  • One Touch innovative Handle-Knob covered in Eve and made of ABS shock resistant.
  • No external screw and the body consists of one part only allows deletion of every crevice.

ModelWeightCapacityRecovery RatioBearingsExtra Coil
Xtr5273 g5.1:1 (83 cm)0.25 mm-210 m51
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