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Accessories - Rapture Drytek Rig Wallet Full Terminal Port

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Rapture Drytek Rig Wallet Full Terminal Port

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Brand: Rapture
Product Code: 048-54-050
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Accessories - Rapture Drytek Rig Wallet Full Terminal Port

Rapture Drytek Rig Wallet Full Port Terminals

Bright door terminals containing 9 EVA washers with three compartments. Its rigid structure offers total protection. EVA washers come with tacks to fasten terminals. Velcro closure.

Eva washers are equipped with dichiodini for fastening of the terminals.

This is the answer of Rapture to current instances of spinning is called dry-tek. It's a special waterproof, very light, resistant to tearing, characterized by a rectangular mesh and nylon weave, visible to the unmistakable checkered surface relief. Widely used in clothing, in military applications such as camping and towels in gliding, was perfect for the handbag line meant to accompany the modern spinner in his adventures into fresh water or into the sea.

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