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Fishing rods

In the category "Fishing rods" you can find lots of products on offer

Search the best offers at discounted prices !!

In this category are collections of different types of fishing rods. Each type of fishery requires a different type of cane. There are also some types of rods and their quality, can be adapted to different types of fishing. Generally they are very hardy, with canes actions important enough and built to withstand major stresses. The rods can be found in the various, more specific subsections, such as, the CARP-specific or rods for trout fishing or even for baitcasting and spinning.

Tagged as "rods" you can buy more than 143 products, such as Barrel English Real Extreme Professional, Rod Colmic Method, Carborex Strong Pole.

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Trabucco Surf Rod Oracle Xr Carbon BeachVery interesting this telescopic, perfect for the beach ..
Trabucco Surf Rod Aegean Progress SurfEye-catching series composed of two gears manufactured in ..
Trabucco Barrel Surf Casting Andromeda Tekno CastSeries of rods designed for Surf Casting and ma..
Trabucco Cane Activia Xs Slim Trout Lake TroutThe barrel Activa XS Slim has a parabolic action, ..
Canna Roubaisienne micrografts carbon mt. 11Completely anti lock couplings high modulus carbon. ..
Lineaeffe Reed Boat Flame Boat Rod In CarbonBuilt entirely of carbon this rod from powerful but ..
Trabucco Canna Tsunami Fighter Trolling boat Rod In 2 PiecesThe two sections of the same length ..
Lineaeffe 100% Carbon Rod Murmurs Sic RingsFishing rod murmurs surfcasting beach ledgering and..
Team Specialist Rod Feeder Ts Extrema PickerFeeder fishing rod couplings with two tops, hard..
High modulus carbon Rod fishing Ferrari 200 gr Sardinia Surfcasting -36%
Fishing Ferrari Rod Sardinia In high modulus Carbon 200 gr SurfcastingWonderful rod for fishing ..
129.90€ 82.50€
High modulus carbon Rod fishing Ferrari 200 gr Capri Surfcasting -40%
Fishing Ferrari Rod Capri In high modulus Carbon 200 gr SurfcastingWonderful rod for fishing fro..
149.90€ 89.90€
Rod From Spinning in Carbon 3 mt Action 30 grFantastic spinning Rod from 3 meters in carbon, wit..
Trabucco Canna Vanadia Teknic Sea Fishing Mt. 2.40 Power 250 gr.A refined, balanced, lightweight..
Colmic Rod Pacheco Special Bolentino graftsProduced composite grafts, ideal for those seeking a ..
Colmic Cane Special carbon boat Rod AdriaticaIdeal for fishing fishing rod out of shallow water..
Trabucco Feeder rods Demon with two peaksSeries of rods for the feeder is in still water tha..
Colmic Coastal Trolling rods Rod Pro Light White SeriesIdeal rod for trolling the Mediterran..
Surf Casting Rods 3 Piece Rod Misar colmicThe Misar Surf is the ideal tool to approach the d..
Surf Casting Rods 3 Piece Rod Nustar colmicIn the discipline of surf casting, switch telesco..
Surf Casting Rods Expiria Rod 3 Piece colmicThis all-new barrel into three sections, very ac..
Surf casting Rods 3-piece Barrel Lunar colmicThe Lunar is another new cane in three sections..
Colmic Rod Zero Seven F1 3-piece Surf Casting RodsMany Iberian, Brazilian and Portuguese ago..
Shizuka Barrel 100-200 grams Ring Rings SH300 Surf Casting -20%
Shizuka Barrel 100-200 gr Ring Rings SH300 Surf CastingSurf Casting rod with action 100-200 ..
47.50€ 38.00€
100-200 grams Surf Casting Rod SH300 Shizuka -20%
100-200 grams Surf Casting Rod SH300 ShizukaSurf Casting rod with action 100-200 gramsHi..
43.80€ 35.00€
Fishing Islamoranda Rod Stand Up, FerrariComplete treatment anti salinity, high modulus ..
Fishing Trolling Rod Islamoranda FerrariComplete treatment anti salinity, high modulus c..
Fishing Trolling Rod St Lucia Ferrari Pacific Bay GuidesRings and handle Pacific Bay, full t..
Lineaeffe Townsville's Rod Action 100 gr Beach Ledgering -18%
Lineaeffe Townsville's Rod Action 100 gr Beach LedgeringBeach rod with up to 100 grams, colo..
36.12€ 29.60€
Casting Rod Surf 150 Grams Master Deylan trabucco -14%
Casting Rod Surf 150 Grams Master Deylan trabuccoCanna can develop good power, without strai..
51.00€ 43.90€
Save Tips Protect the rings and RodsBrand new and exclusive barrel protector, composed of tw..
30-50 lbs Carbon Rod Trolling with pulley and Extra TipBellisima trolling rod with Carbon Si..
Fishing Carborex Tele Rod Hunter Braided Ferrari -53%
Fishing Carborex Tele Rod Hunter Braided FerrariDefinitely one of the nicest handyman rods u..
52.00€ 24.50€
Sturgeon Catfish Rod Carbon Catfish 200 GramsResplendent high modulus carbon rod in two piec..
Trabucco Rods Bolognese JunctureSeries destined to conquer an important place in the pan..
Trabucco Rod Belts Protect Rods 2 PiecesSoft durable clasp band practices for the transport ..
Trebuchet Kit 5 Bleak rods With padded caseGrows throughout Italy the population of bleak, w..
Trabucco Feeder Rod Erion XS Allround Carbon TelefeederUnder the all-Italian passion for tel..
Fishing Ferrari carbon Rod Popping GameFabulous top line carbon Rod Fishing Ferrari, suitabl..
Series of rods Trabucco Krypteria 4.50 m Surfcasting SurfTRABUCCO KRYPTERIA 4.20 and 4..
Trabucco Rod Admiral Seaquest Surf CastingA multiform and multifunctional series; almost fou..
Trabucco Cane Nightwish Carbon Revolution Surf CastingBeautiful, beautiful and captivati..
Oceanic Surf Caster Rod 4.50 Mt trabuccoLong Oceanic is the name that identifies the series ..
Colmic Barrel Combat Trout Brook Trout TeleregolabileDesigned for trout fishing in the river..
Lineaeffe three piece Carbon Surf Casting Rod Armageddon 300 grWonderful fishing rod into th..
Team Specialist Impulse Carbon Rod FeederThe series of rods Impuse represents the best the m..
X-Light rods Bolognese trabucco Bole Erion for thin terminalsIt is the light of acting Erion..
Erlene Canna Shakes Lake Trout Lake Trout TrabuccoSeries of special interest to its destinat..