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In the category "Scales" you can find lots of products on offer

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in this category you will find weighing scales your best catches.

Tagged as "balances" you can purchase more than 6 products, such as digital scale 40 Kg, scale fish gripper, Scale fish gripper module.
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Digital Dynamometer scale 40 KgScales up to 40 KgThe particularity of this dynamometer is th..
Digital Fish scale 50 Kg CapacityDigital scale 50 kg capacity ideal for weighing of the catc..
Digital scale capacity 25 kg weighs FishDigital scale capacity 25 kg, robust and durable ful..
Analogue scale 22 kgAdjustable scale with metal hook.Maximum capacity 22 Kg/48 LBS ..
Digital scale Kg 25Onion-shaped, rounded scales with metal hook.Great for weighing your larger pre..
Analog scale "runs" with double scale: KG and LBSHigh-precision instrument often used in races becau..
Digital scales display "Fish Gripper". Capacity: 22 kg..
Libra "Fish Gripper" Torque Wrench The instrument contains a spring is stretched proportionally to t..
Digital scale 40 Kg -17%
Electronic digital scale up to 40 kg. Accuracy 20 gr.Power supply 2 AAA batteries, double display ..
20.50€ 17.00€