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Fly fishing - Float and should

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Float and should

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Fly fishing - Float and should

Float and should

Sliding Galleggiantone

Galleggiantone great for fishing at sea and in lakes and rivers.
The float is handmade in Italy from the finest materials and was tested and improved over the years.
This super float, which measures well 39 Cm in length, can be used in many areas and in many fishing techniques, from Pike, carp fishing or trade in bluefin tuna.
It can be used as a marker in carp, to better pinpoint the exact point of baiting and be as accurate as possible.
With proper ballast, can be used for fishing for Pike, with both the alive than with other types of bait.
It is also used successfully in the giant bluefin tuna fishing with drifting.
And not only.
This float can for example be used as normal sliding float, with feeder, at sea, fishing for large predators.
Used in conjunction with spiral feeders, paper feeders and oils, can be used for catching Bluefish and barracuda.
Inner wire, plastic and drift at the top with metal bushing.
Extremely lightweight, so as not to burden your lines.
The entire float weighs approximately 6 grams.

Should for Whitefish

Amettiere for whitefish already mounted, available in different colours.
Great fishing for whitefish, perch and crucian.
Can be used for fishing with float it with ballast and Cork.
ModelMeasure I Love
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