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Lures - Herakles Dribble Spoon

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Herakles Dribble Spoon

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Brand: Herakles
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Lures - Herakles Dribble Spoon

Herakles Dribble Spoon

This undulating from elongated body is a real ACE in the hole to capture salmonids are difficult and apathetic. Also recovered slowly afloat moves swaying on the sides with a movement accentuated.
The aerodynamic shape with a length-to-weight ratio allow long casts in search of the strike.
The measure 6gr mount a 2, and the stir bar measuring, 5gr mounts a hook Barbless to be employed in areas subject to specific regulations that forbid the use of Barb and stir.
Through the handy ring, you can replace the hook with a hook or with another type of love, without any difficulty.
Available in different colors.

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