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Fishing Kit - Casting Kit and surfcasting

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Casting Kit and surfcasting

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Fishing Kit - Casting Kit and surfcasting

Great kit for different types of fishing.

2 fishing rods with rings bound + fixed a fishing pole + two reels with wire included + 1 ready-bolentino or surfcasting reel + a + 30 assorted hooks with a brooch.
All the unbelievable price of $ 50.00!!!

Offer details:

2 fishing rods "Dragon"

The fishing rod "Dragon" is characterized by its incredible flexibility and softness. The sensitivity of cimino is commensurate with 50 grams of progressive action typical of higher level rods.
Strictly linked rings, ring, make sure the wire under tension, face on the barrel and energy perfectly download from there, directly on our body.
The length of the pipes is 3.60 Mt. Length perfect for sea fishing, from the boat, which in Lake with both the float to the bottom.
The screw reel seat is at average pace and holds the reel in an extremely tight. The barrel is divided into 8 sections.

The color varies depending on availability.

Measures Mt Sections Action Gr Weight Gr
3.60 8 50 320

1 fixed barrel "DELTA"

Delta sets, fixed barrel from extraordinary for fishing from jetties, reefs, harbours and river. Great for fishing for Chub.

Delta, is the fixed barrel more sold in Europe.

The color varies depending on availability.

Measures Mt Sections Action Gr Measure closed cm Weight gr
3.0 3 5-20 115 115

1 Reel Vigor SX

Surf fishing reel front drag, 1/bottom with bearing, multi stop system, rotor balanced to your computer, and cartridge, coated

graphite coil has already equipped with wire.
Measure Spool capacity Weight Gear ratio
2000 mm/0.18 mt/240-0.20/195-0.25/125 235 5.5:1

1 Reel vigor Shiver RD

Rear drag reel with multi stop system, computer balanced rotor, and graphite coil coated roller plus, is already fitted with wire.
It is suitable for all types of fishing.

Measure Spool capacity Weight Gear ratio
2000 mm/0.18 mt/240-0.20/195-0.25/125 242 5.5:1

Terminal Ready
mounts ideal for surfcasting, beachledgering and coastal fishing .
Classic paratura used in fishing for murmurs or Pack fish in General.
Terminal used for the ability to make long casts, is characterized by ease of rotation in the water.
Made by hand, fitted with swivels and beads, carabiner, ready to use.
Ami in stainless steel .
The entire measuring 190 Cm frame.

1 spool Magma

Durable Mono to use.
Wire that fits so well to all kinds of situations, both for sea fishing in the Lake.
Its abrasion resistance and toughness to the node, make that this line is the favorite of many sport fishers and not.

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