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Fishing Kit - Complete kit sturgeon

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Complete kit sturgeon

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Fishing Kit - Complete kit sturgeon

Complete kit sturgeon

Winder sturgeon fishing in the quarry or in the Lake.
Complete with everything you need for a precise and targeted fishing, with rigid and precise high modulus carbon rod, reel that is born for the sea but that finds its way, as the sturgeon of the rest, in the calm and relaxing waters of our lakes.
Technical characteristics:

Ledgering-Link Rod feeder

Three piece rod with three peaks in carbon fibre for ledgering fishing vitalizing sea for fresh water.
Its abundant action of well 150 g will allow you to hurl your feeders farther and farther away.
The special Cork handle, a part and a part in EVE, make sure that the barrel could always be cleaned without much difficulty.
The barrel is of a high standard and high modulus carbon to be even more sensitive and "nervous" while ferrata.
The barrel is extremely light, weighing only 315gr 3.90 meters long.
Great for fishing beachledgering sea bass and sea bream.

Ocean Master Reel

Reel specially designed for sea fishing, fiery red, with red wire for high visibility.
With this reel you will be able to fish with the main fishing methods, both by boat and from shore.
The reel is treated to resist to selsedine and has the computer balanced rotor, so avoid annoying vibration caused by off-axis.
5000 reel size
Spool capacity:
MM/0.40/0.35/195-150 MT-0.50/95

Slingshot maggot bait thrower

Sling for easy baiting, with short hard with saucer.
Great for the launch of live bait such as worms and soft baits like corn.
The sling, with round elastic can also be used for the launch of grain and pellets in General.

Bait and groundbait Kit sturgeon

Kit for born to catch sturgeon.
Increasingly, our lakes are populated by sturgeons and often have the right bait or the right bait, can mean the difference between a productive day of fishing or a coat.
For this reason, we have created this kit, which could lure even the sturgeon more retiring and listless.
For an optimal baiting, the day before the session, open the bag of pellets and insert at least two tablespoons of additive X 11 cheese, close the bag and shake.
The kit contains:

Attractor for pasture X 1

Great attractor concentrate suitable for pasture, its special composition based on concentrated extract of cheese and pecorino cheese, mixed with lysine (amino acid) and MSG (flavour enhancer) will make your bait irresistible to the fish. The CAP serves as a measuring cup that is heaping the ideal dose for 1 Kg of groundbait. Packed in resealable jar from 150 grams.

Carp Zoom ®

Feeding Halibut Pellets

CARP-specific nutritional pellets high, great for times when the carps are tired and sleepy.
Its special formula is designed so as not to disturb the prey by smell or taste too strong, but at the same time, it is extremely attractive.
Formula with added protein and amino acids with special natural appetisers stimulate the appetite of our prey.

Pasta for sturgeon with cheese

The problem is the heat at the fishing storionoe de Feeney. More than 25 degrees dissolves making it impossible its priming, with our cheese lion all this is a reminder, its texture stays the same at any temperature, produced with Emmental cheese has a taste and a unique fragrance can be used repeatedly, his estate on the hook is not afraid of difficult jumps and you'll be sure to have it always on fishing while saving time and money.

Unlike regular pastas, dry after opening.

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