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CARP fishing - Hair rig construction kit

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Hair rig construction kit

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CARP fishing - Hair rig construction kit

Complete kit to build 10 hair rig

with this kit you'll have everything you need before you can begin to build your hair rig with extreme simplicity and reliability of the materials.

The kit consists of:

Pro-team carp lead core

braided lead wires to 16.
Great to create headers & hair rig for carp fishing. 5 voice coil meters, 45 pounds.
With this coil you can go well beyond that 10 you rig.

10 ami KKarp

the special design of this love makes it a best seller on the panorama carp hooks.
the stem is extremely sturdy and ensures high reliability in any situation.

Scissors stainless microdentate

Scissors stainless steel basic, plastic handle, cm11, blade width cm0 .9.
With Groove for flush.

Heat-shrink tubing
Heat-shrink tubing for carp fishing.
different sizes, length 10 cm

Needle threader boilies

Needle threader hooked boilies, can also be used to insert worms.

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