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Fishing Kit - Carp bait Kit-seafood

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Carp bait Kit-seafood

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Brand: Carp Zoom
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Fishing Kit - Carp bait Kit-seafood

pasture Kit for carps and minnows "sapori di mare"
the offer includes:

3 kg groundbait "carp fiesta" at Chapman

new generation groundbait designed for carp fishing, but also excellent for attracting any species of cyprinids.
the carp fiesta is a product carp zoom, European leader for carp fishing. reliable and guaranteed the carp fiesta will help you pass unforgettable fishing days

2 cans of corn lineaeffe
Italian corn production of first choice

1 bottle of "attractor" with crab
the express product zoom carp attractor and can be used as an adjunct to pasture or put directly on any type of bait to increase decidedly attractive effect and trigger, thanks to its innovative formula, the feeding frenzy of different species of fish

recipe for preparing the pasture "sapore di mare"
(serves 3 kg groundbait)

purchase a container with a capacity of at least 5 litres, and the pasture.
Add water a little at a time until the pasture don't turn out well mixed, if you become too soft not to worry.
Add the entire bottle of express attractor and stir vigorously and let it sit for an hour or so.
subsequently shuffled the pasture that meanwhile will have absorbed the water and will dry if you can express attractor too add some water to riammorbidirla, while stir beware dissolve any lumps (possibly using a sieve) and add the maize possibly downed stirring gently to avoid crushing the beans too, once the process wait about 10 minutes and the pasture will be ready for use. If desired you can add other flavorings as desired to give a homey touch to your bait.

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