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Fishing Kit - Live fishing Kit

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Live fishing Kit

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Fishing Kit - Live fishing Kit

Live fishing Kit

Kit prepared to fish for large predators with live and beyond.
In the kit is everything you need to start fishing immediately with various fishing techniques.

Fishing rod planet 3 mt

Round rod for bottom fishing or with large floats.
The barrel is used successfully for fishing at sea or in fresh water.
Plate screw reel seat and anellia ring.
Parabolic action, the entire join in on the action, to tire out the prey and ensure greater flexibility in the event of sudden departures.
The barrel is also used for fishing for eel, tench and CARP.
Divided into 5 sections, has a weight of just 495 gr and a 50-100 Gr.

Ocean Master Reel

Reel specially designed for sea fishing, fiery red, with red wire for high visibility.
With this reel you will be able to fish with the main fishing methods, both by boat and from shore.
The reel is treated to resist to selsedine and has the computer balanced rotor, so avoid annoying vibration caused by off-axis.

Bucket with Oxygenator

Ground bait bucket 12 l

Ground bait bucket from 12 liters able to keep cool in your favorite soft pasture.
The bucket can be used along the pasture, also to keep alive, fetch water and carry the equipment or the catch.
The handle is made of metal and has an ergonomic handle made of plastic.

Oxygenator to 2 speed

Oxygenator to two speeds, great for oxygenate the water and ensure your bait a longer life.
Through this practical object you will be able to keep the bait longer, avoiding that the fish is asleep or die on contact with water.
Great for both water dolche and salty.
Provided by Flint.

Sliding Galleggiantone

Galleggiantone great for fishing at sea and in lakes and rivers.
The float is handmade in Italy from the finest materials and was tested and improved over the years.
This super float, which measures well 39 Cm in length, can be used in many areas and in many fishing techniques, from Pike, carp fishing or trade in bluefin tuna.
It can be used as a marker in carp, to better pinpoint the exact point of baiting and be as accurate as possible.
With proper ballast, can be used for fishing for Pike, with both the alive than with other types of bait.
It is also used successfully in the giant bluefin tuna fishing with drifting.
And not only.
This float can for example be used as normal sliding float, with feeder, at sea, fishing for large predators.
Used in conjunction with spiral feeders, paper feeders and oils, can be used for catching Bluefish and barracuda.
Inner wire, plastic and drift at the top with metal bushing.
Extremely lightweight, so as not to burden your lines.
The entire float weighs approximately 6 grams.

Tuna Card

7fili steel with loop Terminal.
I love ultra sharp high-penetration.

Great for trolling or drifting and for pike fishing.

Pack of 10 hooks with cables

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