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Camping and outdoor - Survival kit with bottle

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Survival kit with bottle

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Camping and outdoor - Survival kit with bottle

Survival kit with bottle

Professional Kit from survival both on land and at sea.
The kit is provided within a high-visibility Orange transparent polypropylene bottle that, once closed, it turns out to be airtight.
At the top of the CAP there is a solar panel that charges a small battery which in turn feeds a praticissia twist to 3 LEDs, to illuminate at night and 3 Red LEDs blinking.
The selection is made through a practical pulzante.
If flushed and linked to the lifeboat, can indeed work in synthetic as a probe.
Inside the container troviato the necessary or even superfluous for survival, including:
-Waterproof paper
-Cotton wool
-Favour of emergency
-Signal Mirrors (Yellow Gold)
-Mini knife (blade, lima and small scissors)
-Loop Wire
-Wire saw
-Fishing Set
-Fishing Sickles
-Sale package (2 pieces)
-Safety pins (4 pieces)
-sewing kits
-Vinyl tape
-Cloth adhesive tape
-Zip lock polybag
-Emergency blanket
-Braided nylon cord
-Emergency Poncho
-Hand warmer
-Glow stick

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