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Fly reels - Reel-Vigor Shiver RD

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Reel-Vigor Shiver RD

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Fly reels - Reel-Vigor Shiver RD

Vigor Shiver RD is a reel from the small dimensions and great power. Ben 5.5 gear ratio: 1. Lightweight, only 230 grams.
The reel is great for being mounted on the barrel bolegnesi and small spinning rods. Finds its maximum expression on fishing to launch and recover with the slide for trout fishing or small lures for spinning at boccalone or Pike.

  • 1 ball bearings
  • Balanced crank
  • Two graphite spools
  • Balanced rotor
  • Coated plus
MeasureSpool capacityWeightGear ratio
2000mm/0.18 mt/240-0.20/195-0.25/1252305.5:1

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