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Lures - Undulating with feather

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Undulating with feather

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Lures - Undulating with feather

Undulating with feathers and red thread, with single hook.
Also great for fishing at sea.
It can be used for trolling in the channel at the bass.

Length: 55 mm
Weight: 3gr

Number of teaspoons characterized by scoop posted on the wind-curved form that guarantees plenty of hydrodynamics and a very uniform rotation. Have the peculiarity of start to flicker after the impact with the water. Often, the attacks have even at this stage, hence the need to stay out of contact with the artificial.

Guide to the use of rotating spoons and spinner
Rotating spoons are divided into two main categories, those like Martin, Cantle inserted directly into axis, and those included in axis type with Mepps, using the tab. Behaviors in water are different.
Teaspoons guy Martin (with scoop posted directly on the axle)
Have the paddle inserted directly into iron and a body that can be shaped or tapered. A more concentrated lead downwards (drop) keep better the Fund, unlike a more elongated which also reduces the rotation angle between the blade and the axle still producing less friction during recovery, favoring a more immediate and climb faster. These models can be deadly when predators attack in the surface layers. Other differences are that Martin began to flicker as soon as they touch the water and fall to the bottom, and also for having the paddle inserted directly into axis result in a rotation angle lower than Mepps, which causes less friction being recovered and better sealing of the Fund. In contrast to equal grams you get shorter than with artificial gtli launches with tab, because in the latter the paddle, and flipped over, offers less friction in the air.
Teaspoons Mepps type (with scoop with tab)
As mentioned the paddle inserted in the shaft through the tab, allows this type of teaspoons greater casting distance and an angle of rotation above that determines a bigger aura. Not only is this the only difference, but you also have a greater number of vibrations in the water, because the paddle rotates faster. The latter can be elongated, so-called "Willow leaf", or more rounded, except that the first cuts better and holds better.
Teaspoons Tandem
For both teaspoons tandem versions are also mentioned, that is basically a rotating with two (sometimes even three) blades, which have the advantage that they can cast farther while maintaining a profile content. This lure can produce a great turbulence in the water, attracting the attention of all large predators. Can be divided into two categories, single or double weighted with lead. The first regardless of their weight pull back during recovery, the latter have a better hold on the bottom. They are ideal for moving fish, hunkered down on the deep layers, especially during winter, or to awaken apathetic, fish.
Teaspoon Spoon
These are among the oldest artificial lures that man has made. Probably even primitive man li managers achieved their dream with pieces of worked bone and shaped. The highly versatile and customizable bait is waving and lends itself to an infinite number of recoveries, you won't find hardly ever two fishermen who use it the same way. Are not as easy to use as artificial the rotor, but once mastered can make a real difference. First you need to be very careful in choosing the weight and shape depending on where we fish. Heavy models of compact shape will be preferable to probe the lower layers of the seabed. Conversely we will use light patterns and the wide profile and thinner for recoveries in the surface layers or to slip for example near a grass meadow. Already in the fall have a flickering movement very enticing, and right now we have an attack by the fish, then you must keep right away the full contact with the artificial. Once the desired depth, we can begin recovery: very small linear slow or fast taps or long pull with subsequent releases with the barrel tilted more or less, there is no way better than another, it will only experience the fisherman to indicate recovery more profitable at that place and at that time. In principle, if the movements will be slow the undulant turns its production and will of low frequency vibrations, which are more sensitive fish less active (e.g. in winter). On the contrary if recovered or "jerked" faster oscillations will be faster causing high frequency vibrations are suitable as very active fish. The only care that we'll always have is to never retrieve too quickly or too violent, because we'll get hacking cane only the effect "teaspoon", that is, we'll turn the undulating on its axis rather than the function of this lure.
There are always extremely capturing colors. Only the experience of the fisherman can determine which color at a given time and place makes more. However we can say that in principle, with clear waters and sunny weather you should use dark colors and opaque (also gold), because the reflections of a silver scoop could disturb the fish, while with low-light conditions or with murky waters, may prove more catching lures most heated hues such as silver or fluorescent colors.
Use of tails and feathers
Increase the vibrations emitted into water resulting in greater power capturing moving fish particularly apathetic. Can be made of natural wool flakes or feathers. Generally, the former are most suitable for perch and Pike, the second for trout and Chub.
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