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Feeder - Tan Pasturaore in Cage still waters long distance

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Tan Pasturaore in Cage still waters long distance

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Brand: Trabucco
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Feeder - Tan Pasturaore in Cage still waters long distance

Tan Pasturaore in Cage still waters long distance

The feeders to cage offer a long list of interesting advantages, beginning with rapid hydration quick dispersion of pasture and content, to allow infinite variations of filling, because between two pasture caps you can enter multiple
variety of lures.

This model is ideal for long distance in still water, plumbed at the end to facilitate the screening and develop great sensitivity. Interchangeable via swivel and snap hook, connected to a sturdy Arch of monofilament. "Spodding" specification for the initial baiting.

Available in different sizes and weights

Pack of 2 feeders

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